Evangeline Armstrong is a Jewellery Designer, Maker and Illustrator. Starting her career with graduation from Central Saint Martins in 2015 with First Class honours in Jewellery Design. Since this time, she has been active in freelance jewellery making and design including award-winning collections for TOPSHOP and Theo Fennell, as well as work for Walt Disney’s Aladdin Musical and the V&A. Evangeline’s work spans a diverse range of disciplines: with training and employment in both fine and fashion jewellery making her a versatile designer. Along side her work, Evangeline maintains a long-standing art practice in life drawing, painting and illustration that enhances her understanding of sculptural form and professional presentation. With a combination of these abundant qualities and a love for collaboration, Evangeline see’s her work through from design to completion with strong, authentic design, fun and finesse. 

Painting & Drawing

“Portraiture, drawing and painting has been my first creative outlet and skill since a very young age sitting at my mothers illustration desk (and occasionally on the odd wall at home). I never stopped drawing! As I grew, I was being commissioned since early secondary school and noticed for my painting and drawing technique. I have always had a love for and focused on form and life drawing- selling either existing work or private commissions.”


“Jewellery was introduced to me via 3D design and sculpture, and how to relate design to the body. Therefore, I have always had a very broad context and imagination for jewellery design. Being already fluent in drawing and 3D modelling, I was able to apply and refine these skills while maintaining the spirit of the larger concept/exploration. Menswear became my focus initially with a wider possibility and room for the unexplored. Today my designs flow fluidly between both markets and aim to embody a unisex field. I believe jewellery should now be questioning sustainability, ethics and diversity alongside quality design: If we are to adorn our bodies- we have to make it conscious!”

How I work/Commissions

The key characteristics that I aim to embody in the initial stages of a project are open-mindedness and playfulness. From this point, I believe, the best work can be achieved no matter how refined the brief. Individual clients and brands commission me to research, design and prototype jewellery and accessory. I keep the design process fluid and instinctive: working in a fast rhythmic pace between collage, drawing, photoshop, photography, model making, printing, back to collage on the body etc. From here, I refine, perfect and tailor to the desired outcome.

If you would like to work on a project or collaboration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!